Six Romantic Things to do in Budapest

1. Take a tour of Budapest’s thermal baths

One of the highlights of a trip to Budapest is the endless options for thermal baths. The city is so well known for its baths that in 1934 it was officially ranked as the “City of Spas.” No matter where you’re staying in the city, there’s sure to be a thermal bath nearby. Some offer private bath experiences like at the stunning Gellert Spa. Their private bath comes with a fruit basket and a bottle of sparkling wine.

One of the baths at Lukacs — this one is kept at 90 degrees.

2. Cozy up in a beautiful palace turned public library

The Szabo Ervin Central Library
The Szabo Ervin Central Library which is actually a palace! Photo: K. Marais via flickr

3. Explore Budapest’s coffee culture

Budapest is legendary for coffeehouses. One of the most famous in all of Europe is the New York Cafe, which is an impressive 125 years old. This cafe was an important clubhouse for Hungary’s writers and artists. Legend has it that on opening day two writers stole the keys to the cafe and tossed them into the Danube River, an attempt to keep the cafe open 24-hours a day. Although that didn’t work out, the cafe is a marvelous display of architecture, great coffee, and memorable food. The goulash here is great. If the New York Cafe is busy, head to Gerloczy Cafe, Central Cafe, Hadik, or Muvesz Cafe. Or better yet, try them all!

New York Cafe Budapest
The stunning interior of the New York Cafe. Photo: Wei-Te Wong via flickr

4. Spend an evening at the opera

Budapest’s Opera House is known to have some of the best acoustics in all of Europe. The opera house opened in 1884, and is also home to the Hungarian National Ballet, so if opera isn’t for you, the ballet awaits. Ballet tickets start at $5 and opera tickets start around $6.50. Plan to arrive early for the evening’s show to enjoy the Opera Cafe for dinner or pop into the Feszty Bar At The Opera. Both are located inside of the opera house and are the perfect way to start the night before the show, or sip and savor after the show. Whichever show you see or where you choose to dine in the opera house, this wonderful, and oh so reasonably priced evening will be perfect for your romantic Budapest evening.

Budapest opera house
An evening at the Budapest Opera is the perfect romantic experience. Photo: L Bolya via flickr

5. Take a walking tour of town

Budapest is a city split in two with the Danube River serving as the border between the east and west side of the city. The west side is Buda while the east side is Pest, together making Budapest. On Buda hill hop on the funicular to the top and explore Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion. All around this area on Buda hill you’ll find small restaurants, cafes, and bars perfect for an intimate evening. Fisherman’s Bastion offers the best view of the Danube River and Pest at any time of the day. On the east, Pest, side of town stroll along the Danube River past the Parliament Building and make your way toward the Central Market Hall, the oldest indoor market in Budapest. Here savor some Hungarian baked goods on the ground floor or opt for a full meal on the upper floor.

Fisherman's bastion
Fisherman’s Bastion is worth exploring for a few hours and offers great views of Pest.

6. Dine al fresco on Raday Utca

Once the sun goes down, Raday Utca comes alive. Nestled in the southern part of the Budapest core just south of the Kalvin Ter Metro station, this street is filled with dining options, all of which offer charming outdoor seating under fairy lights. If you’ve already eaten, pop into one of the many bars, cafes, or galleries for a night well spent on the town. The street features cuisine options from all over the world, so there’s certainly something to choose that will suit everyone dining’s palate.

Raday Utca
Raday Utca will make for romatic outdoor dining or sipping in Budapest. Photo: Daniel Edwins via flickr

Planning a romantic trip to Budapest?

Let us know in the comments if you’re heading to Hungary soon and what’s on your “must see” list! We love this city and would love to help you plan your perfect vacation! Leave the heavy lifting to us and enjoy your fully planned and stress-free vacation! Let’s get planning!

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